Hara Nawaar

Hara Nawaar isn't your average belly dance instructor. An innovator and passionate teacher, Hara combines elegance and grace with a modern twist, pushing the boundaries of belly dance into captivating realms.

Nawaar's a master of both modern belly dance, with its dynamic movements and contemporary flair, and the captivating world of Fantasy Show Bellydance. She's not afraid to break the mold, creating unique and unforgettable shows. Her repertoire extends far beyond belly dance, encompassing Latin, contemporary jazz, and more.

She's a passionate and certified instructor, sharing her knowledge and love of dance with others. And to ensure peak physical conditioning for herself and her students, she's also a certified Pilates instructor.

So, Hara Nawaar is more than just a belly dancer – she's a choreographer, a teacher, a fitness guru, and a true artist who constantly redefines what belly dance can be.

Unleash Your Potential:

  • Master modern belly dance with dynamic movements and contemporary flair.
  • Explore the captivating world of Fantasy Show Bellydance.
  • Learn proper technique for graceful and expressive dance.
  • Build confidence and celebrate your body in a supportive environment.
  • Gain a well-rounded dance foundation with elements of Contemporary, Latin, Jazz, and more.

Experience Makes the Difference:

  • Certified instructor with a passion for sharing her knowledge.
  • Benefit from Hara's extensive experience as a performer, choreographer & judge.